Web Neon Colors like a Marker
Updated: 24.02.2017 | Created: 24.02.2017
Simulate neon colors like from a marker in your web page

SSH Login without Password
Updated: 31.01.2017 | Created: 21.01.2015
Login with SSL on your remote server without using a password

CSS and jQuery Selectors
Updated: 03.01.2017 | Created: 23.09.2016
Complete overview of CSS and jQuery selectors

Reisekosten und Reisekostenvergütung
Updated: 22.12.2016 | Created: 22.10.2016
Aktuelle Tabelle der Reisekosten- und Verpflegungsmehraufwände

HTML 5.1 and some stuff that is new
Updated: 27.11.2016 | Created: 03.11.2016
Short description

Updated: 27.11.2016 | Created: 11.05.2014
Page about Roland the Superhero

Roland der Superheld
Updated: 27.11.2016 | Created: 11.05.2014
Seite über Roland den Superheld

Testing Progressive JPEG
Updated: 19.11.2016 | Created: 19.11.2016
Simple test to check if an image is a progressive or baseline JPEG

Social Media Colors and Fonts
Updated: 11.11.2016 | Created: 11.11.2016
Color schemes of most popular social media sites

Simple Drag and Drop
Updated: 10.11.2016 | Created: 10.11.2016
Short description

Bash Shell Scripting this and that
Updated: 04.11.2016 | Created: 21.01.2015
Looking into formats and rations of films and pictures.

Color Codes for Skin and Hair Colors
Updated: 04.11.2016 | Created: 22.10.2016
Color codes for skin and hair colors

Time Conversion Tool
Updated: 01.11.2016 | Created: 01.11.2016
Short description

Inca Tokapu Design
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 12.11.2014
Inca tocapu design just for fun

Completely free images for your web/marketing projects
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 09.02.2016
Images for your projects which are completely free

Useful Google Webfonts for your Web Design Projects
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 15.04.2016
Useful Google webfonts for your web projects

Google Rating in Search Results for Webpages
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 10.06.2016
Images for your projects which are completely free

Perfect Image Size for Social Media
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 27.01.2016
Which image size to choose for your social media and web pages

Why 35mm film is a 36mm Sensor
Updated: 27.10.2016 | Created: 08.09.2016
Looking into formats and rations of films and pictures.

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