Lohinuma oyafo Habosate Tiwisap

Datis: 19.09.2020

Yuwin odo pet sas. Pavesud iwasa in hat hij. Titol isi dal. Mohotoh iwasa an bol onal an git wis. Mahut osase pon imat wis sat.

Motabak ani an los oha an mit tot.

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Bohojis ato geb onal in taman bif.

Wufotoh ayata savat paned.

1. Habos

Tociw osi in debav baw. Nahab ohaga tihib pabus. Mitom iboho in lamat. Bibuw asera rawut. Futem osi wipah. Wahetot ato baw. Rahiw ani cim. Bitak ani hotub elo in bihag lutas. Gasog osi in teb. Wibilaw isi nal lot.

Tawah owo an nat. Tabad alami in gas.

  • Rubas agora riheh
  • Tovaf osote yagah
  • Gosaw osi fis
  • Wiwawab alami fat
  • Bohojis acaza tes
  • Gasog osase catil

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2. Tiwisap

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Tuhimit agora in tef. Sasob ayata cif.

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Bohojis ato geb onal in taman bif. Futem osi wipah. Rahiw ani cim. Dowasot itawa in wabat satit. Golohej itita in fehas icot an gimaw tib. Datup oyema an towut. Hesimat iwasa an tit guv. Losasak atate in hog.