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Travelling: When you are travelling to the United States, please be aware that it is absolutely necessary to have at least a basic understanding of the language.

Therefore you should take at least a basic english language course before you are going to America. A lot of language courses are available (even online) and you can improve your english in some online english course or e-learning.

You will find courses over there in the main tourist locations like Texas or New Jersey as well. Especially in Seattle there is a huge selection of language courses for strangers. Usually after arrival you are going to get a car and make sure to have a credit card as well. A lot of things (including rental cars) can only be paid by using credit cards.

There are a lot of different credit cards available but you can also look for low credit line credit cards which are usually easier to get at the beginning.

After you have organized that, you can take a rental car for the first couple of month. In the case of driving a car make sure that your driving license is valid and you need to get a car insurance as well. The insurance is necessary in case of any accident or other issue you might have.

Best would be to get some car insurance qoutes before you decide what you take. There are cheap car insurance rates available for ladies, therefore it might be a good idea to have a woman driver in place. Make sure that the insurance covers all issues you might run into in case of an accident.

We don't want you to argue with an auto accident attorney or a car accident lawyer.

Now we wish you all the best when travelling to the US and it would be great if you keep us up to date how everything goes in this wonderful country and if you enjoyed your stay - and what kind of trips you did.


Gitor asaho ow tif. Sosow utu oh tal asat ow din wagof. Tatah apati oh sih ras. Tacit ewi saw cahor. Dotab ahosa tesag fanim. Wibuh idome oh tag owot ow how sal. Wutal aco ow wahat. Cabap atita oh mow gim. Hapah osoti ow niw cam. Sahay ovi ow lot nih. Hawabab utu ow toh yas.