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How to write an Essay

Structure of an Essay


Should be around 10-20% of the whole text.

  1. Hook: Sentence to grab the attention of the reader
  2. Background: Give some context, overview of some work, explain difficult terms.
  3. Thesis Statement: One or two sentences about the focus of your position.
  4. Map of content: Overview how the essay is structured.

Body Content

In the body the thesis statement is clarified and arguments are delivered.

Should be around 60-80% of the whole text.

Each paragraph is centered around just one idea.

Parts of a paragraph:

  1. Topic Sentence: Introduce the idea of this paragraph
  2. Relevance: Shows why this topic sentence fits into the essay
  3. Evidence: Show some evidence for the statements made
  4. Explain: Explain the evidence in more detail
  5. Closing: summary of the paragraph


Should be around 10-20% of the whole text.

  • Connections between paragraphs in text
  • Outcome of the arguments
  • Emphasize relevance in wider world
  • Explore broader implications


How to write an essay
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