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    Count: Number of strings
    Seed: Optional

    Random number content ...


    EbMRy6o AWgWJgu SdPwixF ChCr4iv RtJUktt SQ053tJ SBw3v8I FtfNxa3 Dfk4htD AieothN


    Probably the format is not that easy to understand but it is the most flexible I could think of. Here some example for the format string:

    "0:0:0:0:0:0" = 6 digit random number
    "a:a:a:a:a:a:a:a" = 8 digit random string
    "A:a:a:a:a:a" = String starting with capital letter and five lower letters afterwards
    "1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1" = 8 digit binary number
    "f:f:f:f:f:f" = 6 digit hex number with lower letters
    "C:e:c:e:c:e:" = 6 character "good" sounding random word
    "aA0):aA0):aA0):aA0):aA0):aA0):aA0):aA0)" = 8 digit password with everything
    "F:F:F:F:F:F:F:F:F:F" = 10 digit hex number with capital letters

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