White House Tent: A tent in front of the White House with a guy demonstrating

Well, here we go ...

This is my personal page with projects, links, tools, blog and other stuff I need. If you like it – great – if not – that’s fine as well.


Ticks/Date/Time Converter Tool around Colors Random Strings

Other Resources

Beside this page there is some other interesting stuff out there. One is my German-Austrian dictionary. Improve your austrian language abilities at Ostarrichi or Österreichisch. Not to forget the page about Bairisch. Then there are pages about Sinhala and Ceylon (but pretty old already). Mainly I am working for/with/at ISNED. I am also doing some stuff for the Atlas Body Center and embedded labs. Have a look at them. And the latest baby is a page about - well - lets say "food" and "cooking". You will find it at KingKorn.BiO. And finally a completely useless site for RolandDerSuperheld. And really finally a strange project for Lohinuma. Maybe you figure out yourself what it is about ;)

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